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About Us

What is The Void of Thought?

The Void of Thought is a brand that is centered around the practice of self-mastery and the continual evolution of the true authentic self. In this world, too many of us unconsciously shrink ourselves to fit in with a society that does not even serve us. The majority of us spend our lives learning mundane information that doesn't stimulate our growth while working some meaningless job that doesn't stimulate our life. The human experience is much more than we've been sold and that's why The Void of Thought was created.

We have always known that there is more to life. I mean, we experience the unknown & unexplained every single night when we have dreams while we sleep. These unknown & unexplained things that we experience represent the unknown & undiscovered parts of ourselves that we continue to neglect due to our busy lives.

But The Void of Thought is here to serve as a reminder of WHO & WHAT we all are. We are here to serve as a guide into oneself in order to become even more of the authentic self. And we are here to venture into the dark & mysterious unknown so that we may transcend as we continually evolve. It is through this way that we will learn how to be the masters of this matrix once again. 

We are the architects of this reality. The world is mind. The power is ours to utilize. 

Let the entire universe know & be the truth that is within.

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