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What Is Your Path of Complete Alignment?

We often hear about being in alignment and being on our paths. But what does it really mean? Many of us see things such as angel numbers and other signs that tell us we're in alignment. But alignment with what exactly?

Questioning things such as this will allow you to dive deeper into yourself and figure out exactly why you came to live as a human on earth, what your purpose is, and how you're supposed to be living. We all came here with specific purposes and life is about fulfilling that purpose. Of course, everything is subject to change but when we know something about ourselves on a soul level, it is highly unlikely to change.

So, what is alignment? It is being fully in tune with yourself on a soul level and knowing the path that you came here to walk while knowing where you're going. It's just like traveling to a new place, one that you've never been to and never seen in person. We put the destination in our GPS and allow it to guide us to it. And while we're on the way, we see the road signs and other things telling us that we're getting closer and closer. And we may have an idea of what the destination is like, but there's nothing like the actual experience of being there in person.

Our paths of alignment are just the same. When we dive into ourselves and figure out what we are, who we are, and why we came here, then our paths will be revealed to us. Sometimes we may not know exactly where we're going, but our internal GPS(our intuition) is always there to guide us. And the more we obey our intuition and take the necessary steps on our paths, the vision of where we're going becomes more & more clear.

No one knows exactly where they're going at all times. But the way to know whether you're going the right way or not is all in feeling. We always know when something feels right vs when something doesn't feel right. That's our intuition guiding us.

For example, after I graduated from community college, it was time for me to pick a university to go to. There were a few good colleges who wanted me for basketball but none of them felt right to me. They all seemed good on the surface but my intuition kept telling me that it wasn't right. So I held off on making a decision until it was too late. Internally I knew that it wasn't right for me to continue going to college but I was under the belief that I had to go. However, my parents suggested that I take a year off from college to focus on basketball and that's exactly what I needed. My intuition was screaming "YES! DON'T GO AND FOCUS ON YOUR PASSIONS." So I immediately listened and didn't go to school for that next year. But...when it came time to make a decision again on which school to attend, nothing felt right. I ended up choosing a school that wanted me, but again, it didn't feel right. I went there but I ended up dropping out because it was causing me too much depression, stress, and anxiety which was a direct result of going against my intuition and forcing myself to do something that I was not meant to do. I knew it was wrong but I kept forcing myself and nothing good ever comes from force. So in essence, what I did was force myself way off my path and after dropping out I had to spend a lot of time finding my way back to my true path.

So instead of continuing to make great progress like when I took that year off, I was setting myself back by not trusting myself or my intuition. And the consequence of that was having to spend almost quadruple the time just figuring out how to get back into alignment. So basically, going against my intuition for 8 months is what caused 3 years of finding my way back. That's something that I wish I never would have done but I learned my lessons from it. It was painful and I'm still dealing with some of the consequences, however I've chosen to be grateful for the lessons instead of being angry at myself. Being angry at myself would only delay the healing & the progress even more.

So once you're in true alignment, always trust your intuition and keep flowing with it. Use my experience as an example of what not to do. Being in alignment is truly powerful because that's when the universe works for you in your favor. And that's because you're working in harmony with the universe in its favor. It's being in sync & in harmony in a mutually beneficial relationship. And this is because what is within you is outside of you & what is outside of you is also within you.

As within, so without. As above, so below.

Therefore, the more you walk your path of alignment, the more things will flow smoothly and seemingly effortlessly. And conversely, the more out of alignment you are, the more force will be required to get things moving in the right direction. This is when it feels like the world is against you but it's really because you're going against yourself.

And remember, everyone's purpose is different. Not everyone has this huge grand purpose of changing the entire world or anything else on that level. Some people's purpose is to literally just survive and create a good environment for their kids. Or sometimes it's to just discover themselves and then help others do the same thing. It can even be as simple as experiencing life and finding what you love to do. It's different for everyone so never compare your journey to someone else's. Everyone plays a unique role in this entire matrix we've created together.

The word 'universe' can be translated to 'one song'. So if we're all creating one song together, there's always going to be people playing different instruments. So the level of contribution is different for everyone.

And if you're someone who is struggling to find your purpose or struggling to get into alignment then I have some advice for you. Take away all distractions. And by this I mean take away everything and everyone who does not add value to your life. Take away the distractions as much as possible and just focus on what allows you to be happy and what brings joy to you. Then observe and figure out why those things make you so happy & joyful. Doing this will lead you to your true passions in life. Then do the same thing. Observe and figure out why you're passionate about what you're passionate about.

Whether you were already in alignment but fell off, or if you're discovering your path for the first time, doing the aforementioned will align you with your path.

Life is what you make it and your passions will always lead you in the direction that is best for you. And the more you stay in alignment, the better your life will be. And this is because the more you walk your path of alignment, the more you learn how to be the best version of yourself. It's all wonderfully built into one another.

It is all beautiful and it is all exactly as we designed it. Stay in control of yourself and walk the path that you came here to experience.

Love & peace from my heart to yours 💚💜

Much love & blessings, family...

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