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Reasons Why We Live in The 3rd Dimension

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

You know, so many of us living in this world have to deal with daily struggles, hardships, traumas and so many other things that bring us down. And we always have the choice of submitting & staying down or getting back up to continue making progress.

Being someone who's dealt with depression and nearly jumping into the abyss never to return again, I know what it's like to want to die and to not even exist anymore. But I've always known that I have a purpose for my life. I've always known that I have a mission to accomplish while I'm here. And going through depression is what allowed me to gather the mental, spiritual, & emotional strength to overcome anything while progressing through my mission. Life is tough but we can always make it into something better. That's the power that we have as creators. We have the ability to transform & transmute any kind of pain, frustration, depression, anger etc.. into something beautiful & life changing.

When we're down, it may seem like we have no options and like we can't do anything to change our situation or improve ourselves. But that is completely & utterly wrong. We always have the power to create positive change within our lives and we only have to make the decision to do so. Once we choose to overcome whatever we're dealing with, our intuition, our subconscious, God, the universe.. everything begins to align with our decision to overcome and become better. And since everything begins to align for us, all we now have to do is continue to have faith while walking our path of alignment and doing the necessary work.

Because we'll get there no matter what. But we just have to make sure that we're ready for what we've decided upon. And how do we get ready? Well, by doing the necessary inner work. By this I mean learning from past traumas, forgiving ourselves & others who've wronged us, building better discipline, improving our diligence & consistency, and anything else that comes up within us. Everyone has their own things that they're dealing with and this is why it's important to meditate on ourselves and our situations. Going deep into ourselves will reveal what we need to do in order to improve ourselves, which will then allow us to improve our situations.

But why do we have to even go through these painful experiences to begin with? The main reason why we're all here in this 3rd dimensional reality is to simply experience life (aka ourselves) at a slower frequency. In higher dimensions, the frequencies are much much faster which allows the beings in those dimensions to instantly manifest what they want, teleport on the spot, communicate telepathically etc... That's all amazing but remember that everything serves a purpose. Imagine the difference between flying in a plane vs walking to a certain destination. When you're in the plane, you're getting to your destination 50,000x faster than you would walking, right? But think about all the cool experiences that you'd be missing out on while you're up 30,000ft in the air. You wouldn't be able to immerse yourself in nature, observe your natural surroundings, take time to breathe in the good energy around you, or just take your time and do whatever your heart desires. That's the difference between the higher dimensions and the lower dimensions. The higher dimensions are amazing and provide truly mesmerizing experiences but they don't provide what the lower dimensions do.

Another, more fitting example is digital vs manual/analog. With digital technology, the difficult work is almost done completely for you. While with manual tools you do all the hard work. The benefits of digital technology is that it saves a whole lot of time and effort that you can put into more things. But the tradeoff is that you lose out on building strength, resilience, and most other physical/mental skills that come with using manual tools. Manual is a lot tougher but it allows for personal growth & development in a seemingly infinite amount of ways.

And thats what this 3rd dimension is. It is a place that allows us to move slower in order to learn all of the small intricate details that make up this entire universe. Yes, it gets frustrating and extremely difficult sometimes but we wouldn't be here if we couldn't handle it. Plus wouldn't it get boring if we had everything instantly and didn't have to work for anything at all? It takes good internal work to transcend to those higher dimensions but the work is the fun part. That's when we really learn about ourselves and form beautiful relationships

with those who are on similar paths.

Life is about mastery of self, transcendence and evolution. And as long as we have fun putting in good work then we're all collectively progressing towards better ways of living.

The journey is never over but that's the beauty of it. We can stop and rest while we smell the roses for as long as we want. Then we can get right back to making progress within ourselves & our external realities. It's all a choice and every choice is valid.

We live how we choose to live because we are in control of ourselves.

We are the architects, the painters, the composers and the creators of our realities.

Live purposefully & intentionally.

Much love! 💜


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